Monday, 3 November 2014

The Case of missing princess


 Princess  Fiona standing in the air listening to the chippings of sparrows & insects like grass hoppers, beetles & bees, watching the flowers bloom. “Wow! It has been years since the last time I came here” thought the princess. Suddenly she saw a butterfly fluttering its wings & flying towards the jungle. Now the princess have been warned by her father not to go in the jungle. The princess proceeded towards the butterfly. Fiona soon lost track of it. When  very suddenly four bandits appeared out of nowhere. They pounced on her & took her away.

She was taken away to an enormous castle. Inside was the cruel, king dragon. “Welcome o princess. I ask your hand in marriage”. “Never you ugly monster” yelled Fiona. At this, king dragon took Fiona to the highest tower, what will be her future?. 

Meanwhile, at Fiona’s castle, her Father was very worried. He asked each of his knights, who will save the Fiona. Then a brave knight, Sir Dredgery, stepped forward. He took up the challenge. He started off towards the jungle. When suddenly he saw something & picked it up. It was a piece of paper & clearly said : “ If you want to save the princess, then you must cross the chasm of death”.       

Sir Dredgery was taken aback when he saw a snake slithering up a tree to eat eggs. He killed it at once. Just then a huge eagle swept down. It said, it had seen every thing. Sir Dredgery got on its back & asked if it would take him to king dragons castle. It agreed & took off.

King dragon was waiting for him. Sir Dredgery got up the eagle, so that he could fight king dragon. King dragon  burnt down sir Dredgery’s  shield & hit him with his tail.They were fighting on a platform with lava around them. Sir Dredgery saw a chain hanging on the wall.Suddenly king dragon jumped towards him. Sir Dredgery leapt  off the platform & hung on the chain. King dragon fell in to lava & burnt down.

Soon sir Dredgey saved the princess and was married to her. You can imagine how happy sir Dredgery was!!!.