Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Autobiography of a Dustbin

Autobiography of a Dustbin

Hi, I am Dustbin. I live on the streets .I don’t remember my parents , or my childhood very clearly but, I still remember, how my parents were taken away from here. They were too old to hold the garbage. My neighbors are , black dog and lamppost nearby.
I feel bit sad because people often accuse me of being stinky. I have heard that they themselves never wash their socks and my friend Brush  said that their teeth look yellow!!That must be disgusting!
Back to my story!!People litter on roads instead of feeding me. My friend Road, complains to me about this.  At first  I told him that I can not do anything about it, then I feel real pity and call up my friend Broom(I have a real phone of my own!)I ask her to help me. She comes really fast, wipes Road while chitchatting  and I pay her.
Let me tell you about one of my most dangerous incidents. One during rainy season, I was nearly swept away!! My neighbor lamp just held me tight. God!! That was horrible!
Wait a minute!!! What’s the time?? It’s  10 ‘o clock!  Sorry got a go and sleep.  I get up very early for my breakfast. Good night!!


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