Monday, 6 October 2014

How to Train Your Ender Dragon

Hi friends, 


This is my first ever  imaginary story named How to Train Your Ender Dragon.

This is, as I prefer, a story of fantasy...about a friendship between an Ender dragon and a man,who together go in search of treasure hidden in a cave which is guarded by Darth Maul, a dragon who is the master of wickedness.

This is a story of a  loyal dragon.

Once upon a time, there lived a really poor man. He wanted to go out & seek his fortune. So he set out on his journey with some food & water, Though he knew it was a tiring one. He walked & walked for many days on until his food & water was over. All he had left was a some piece of wood, a cloth & an axe.

He knew that he could not proceed further unless…..he could build a tent.  So he started building a tent. After the building was over, he set out to collect fire wood. But at the night, unfortunately he came to the tent bit happily only to find it was dark in the night & very cold like the winter in Delhi & night in Rajasthan. Now he was almost helpless though he had a tent it could be filled with snakes & rats.

By now, even his axe was very blunt. Next day when he woke up, he thought to himself I may not be able to survive..If I have to die, I might as well do that by going ahead..As he travelled few hours with out a single thing with him & then he almost passed out. He saw an egg. He may be poor but he was very courageous, intelligent & witty. He understood that it was a dragon egg….

But the moment he came close to it the egg cracked & out hatched a baby dragon…

At first the man was scared ..then he thought he could train the dragon…so he did as he had thought until the dragon grew up to be a strong adult.

By now the dragon could speak, fly, breathe fire & fetch things for the man. The dragon could  even build stuff. The man thought, why not use the dragon to search for treasure. It seemed like a good idea. He told the dragon everything & flew off with the dragon after saddling him. 

They found a cave. The man was filled with curiosity to discover the cave..But the dragon knew that what was there in the cave..     it was the territory  of the terrible dragon Darth Maul… Darth maul captured all types of animals even by using black magic..The dragon told his master “Master, this may be my first and last good bye”the dragon said with a tear sliding down his cheek. Dragon flew inside the cave & not a moment too soon rude voices were heard & you could hear raging fire.

The master felt like going in to the cave & felt like sacrificing his life for the dragons life. But before he could do that lo and behold! The god of strength Hercules appeared before him. And gave him one of the most powerful equipment-closed helm, snake armor & blood reaper. With that he threw his weapon at Darth Maul and at the same time the dragon hit the opponent with his tail, breaking his limb. The dragon died on the spot at once. The animals were free, the dragon and the master thanked each other, found immense treasure, and lived happily ever after. 

From that day onwards the dragon is known as Draco Maximals, living in the Arctic.

           The End.

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