Monday, 11 May 2015

My favorite book" Wonder" by R J Palacio

I like many things in my life. I like Chess, football, theaters,, games on my Xbox, rubik’s cube solving, listening to music movies and more. But books have always been a HUGE part of me. I like reading books that are adventurous, have fantasy and humor such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars and auto biographies The One and Only Ivan ,comics,mythology  and much, much more.
But there is one book which is my all-time-favorite atleast till date.

Wonder by R.J.Palacio is a book which is an international bestseller which I constantly read throughout the day in my pastime. It is about a boy by the name of August Pullman who is facially deformed. Oh, I forgot to mention that August (known as Auggie)’s routine is really coincidental to mine. Like, he is a ten-year-old-kid, he has an Xbox, he starts fifth grade, he loves Star Wars, he loves Halloween etc, etc. He also has a really good family just like mine: His dad Nate, his mom Isabel, His sister Olivia aka Via, and his faithful dog Daisy (Daisy’s full name is Darth Daisy). But the trouble starts when Auggie has to go to school as what his mother taught him (Auggie was homeschooled) was not enough.
And it starts due to a boy named Julian Albans.

The first three students August meets in Beecher Prep (his school’s name) are Jack Will, Charlotte Cody and Julian Albans. While Jack and Charlotte are extremely friendly, though mostly Jack was, Julian hated Auggie and asked rude questions like “What’s the deal with your face? Were you born in a fire or something?” and called him ‘Zombie kid’ and ‘freak’. To add trouble, Julian was super popular. Jack thought Julian was a jerk and he left the dark side which is Julian’s side. In the end, August becomes known throughout the school not for his deformity, but for being a really cool dude and brave and wins the High Honor Roll while Julian ends up leaving Beecher.

So why do I like this book?

It is real, simple yet mind blowing. I love the fact that the author herself tells that this is based on the real incident.It is beautifully narrated with simple language and I become very emotional while reading August’s struggle.

Not to forget the best part of this book when August says to himself
“Some people you see, whether a man in an armchair or someone who can’t talk, you can’t imagine what famous people they might become.

Isn’t it wonderful??

 U must read it ,no matter what age you are at.

Time is running and I need to go to bed.I shall continue to tell you all about more books from my library .till then see ya!!!

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