Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A letter from 2050

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the long gap. I know I haven't written in a long time. But look at the bright side! Your 'tapasya' is finally over. Here is one of my latest articles, called 'A Letter from 2050'. It's a fun and fictional one, for a change. I hope you all enjoy it!

A brief introduction follows:

The year 2017 came to an end and it was filled with some amazing moments for the Indian chess fans. But what will chess be like in 2050? 33 years from now will chess be the same? Would Pragg have become the World Champion? What would be the prize fund of Delhi Open and what would ChessBase India look like? In this amazingly fun article, our youngest author 12-year-old Avathanshu Bhat has predicted and constructed what the future holds for us. A fun-filled, light-hearted article. Enjoy!

Here is where you can read the full thing! The comments are still accepted here though :)

Side note: The reason why I haven't put it here is because it's been published in ChessBase India, and it's now has their copyright. And there is no way I'm going to plagiarize my own article from another website, right? I am allowed to put the introductory paragraph here and the link though, so that's what I'll be doing henceforth.

That's all guys! Have fun reading!

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