Friday, 2 December 2016

Book Review: Crossroads by Vinayak Mittal

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Fourteen year old boy, Vinayak has written a book! These are my reviews on Crossroads. Enjoy!

Crossroads by Vinayak Mittal

Suröta clan has hopes on finding important information log lost in the Arctic. Jaden, a ten year old boy, Frank, a teenager and Jaden's best friend, Rose, A girl who can excels in stealth and Athur, the teen king of Suröta, all meet together and set off on this deadly voyage. On the way they face mythical creatures, powerful enemies, allies and much more! But can they find this information and, for Jaden alone, can he find his father? Find out in this book by Vinayak Mittal, aged 14.

I would recommend Crossroads to all fiction lovers and it also has a touch of fantasy. This is also enjoyable for comedy. It has a taste on the olden times (Katanas and swords). It has a great plot and is very enthralling for everyone out there!

Personal experience: I really liked the characters, their goof-ups, sacrifice which you will find out as you progress through the book. I have a good liking to Olden timed books, so to me, reading this was an execellent pastime. It could have had less amount of  interventions. Sometimes there are abrupt ends to important parts, but it is still relevant to the story and does not make any major changes.

I would also like to add that this book is extraordinary, if looked from the point of view that it is published when the author, my buddy Vinayak, was thirteen years old. So, hats off to you, Vinayak, for writing a splendid book of the kind. I am also awaiting the sequel Crosstimes. Wish you all the best and may your writing go a long way! 

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Avathanshu Bhat

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