Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Day in the Life of a Dog

A Day in the Life of a Dog

Bark Bark, Woof Woof.
(Translating doggy language)
There we go! Hello friends! My name is Dog. Sorry about that. I was just trying out a barkslator to talk to you guys! I ordered it from… Petkart was it? No, it was… yeah Dogazon! I just remembered. Anyways let me show you my house.

There we go! That’s my house! Cool isn’t it? It is homely. It is actually a mansion. But it is a rat’s paradise. I think you guys call it a dump. I even have a phone and it is awesome! Anyway, let’s explore someplace else. I shall introduce you to my neighbors.

It is a long walk, so let us chat. Oh we need to cross the road! What a bother! Lights turned green… (Car whizzes by) Hey, you crazy man! Haven’t you humans learnt not to break rules?? Oh well… I guess they’ll never learn. Ooh we’ve reached my neighbors.

Hey Pussy! Hey there, Rhino! This is my new friend. Pussy is training to become a real-life artist. It means that she likes to let her imagination run wild and turn the house which she lives in topsy turvy. It is a fine sight, I must say! And her pictures move. The people scream and shriek and it is epic!
Oh, I almost forgot to introduce Rhino! Rhino’s real name is Rhino the Hamster. He likes to go around in a ball. I still remember all those play dates we used to have when I was a puppy. He dreams of becoming a Hamsterlete (or athlete is what you humans call it). Hamsterletes are supposed to roll on their ball till the finish line. These occur in the animalics (or Olympics for you).

Aaargh!! Those people are launching wireforks into the air and it hurts our ears, it does. Wish they would stop someday.

Whoa! What is going on! It is almost midnight! My fears may come true. What if… what if those animal trappers come to get me? They give me the creeps. Bye Pussy and Rhino! Bye guys! I will have to catch you some other time. Bye friends and goodnight! 

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